The Manifesto 7-Day Challenge

Welcome to the Mother's Quest Manifesto Challenge!

The idea for the Challenge emerged from my podcast conversation with mom coach and writer Graeme Seabrook a few years ago, where we discussed the need to reclaim ourselves in motherhood, and co-created a #oneminutemommanifesto social media challenge as a vehicle to help us do that.

Graeme and I realized we both had experiences of creating manifestos that became guiding frameworks for how we show up in life and motherhood. And we wanted more mothers to have that for themselves.

I invite you through this self-guided course, to do something that may help you find your center again. And to consider exploring some questions: In what ways have you been feeling trapped? When was the last time you felt connected to your purpose? And how might you open a door for yourself…to choose yourself...and take even just one tentative step closer to your version of an E.P.I.C. life?

I'll be discussing the acronym mnemonic and framework "CHOOSE" that captures the process I went through when I claimed my manifesto... a process I realized has been with me in all the other times of my life when I shifted a perspective and moved forward in a powerful way. 

Here is what’s in store for you in the next 7 days:

Day 1 - "C" Claim 

Day 2 - "H" Hold Space for Reflection 

Day 3 - "O" Own the perspective 

Day 4 - "O" Own a more empowering perspective 

Day 5 - "S" Stake in the ground 

Day 6 - "E" Explore one next step 

Day 7 - Reflection and Final Thoughts

Each day you'll also find a link to bonus material in the Mother's Quest Facebook group for that day, where you can hear from previous guests Lindsay Pera, Jadah Sellner, Nic Strack, Jamie Greenwood, Amy Walsh, Elsie Escobar, and Jessica Stong who will share about their Manifesto and how it guides them in their life.

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